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Monday, April 9, 2007


Adbrite, over the past few months we've been talking to website publishers, asking, "what are the most important numbers you look at on a daily basis?" We present to you, AdBrite's "publisher dashboard." Just click "for publishers" in the top AdBrite navigation to see your numbers. And as usual, let us know if there's anything else you'd like to see there.

What's changed?
AdBrite's CPC auction used to work such that an ad with the highest bid won. Now, the system takes into account each bid, as well as each ad's clickthrough ratio. In other words, an ad that has a low bid -- but many clicks -- could be shown instead of an ad with a high bid but few clicks.

Why the change?
Adsense, showing ads with a higher clickthrough ratio means that we're showing more relevant ads -- and everyone likes ads that are more relevant. :) A side-benefit is that CPC prices may drop while targeted click volume increases. As usual, we only charge you the *minimum* amount to appear on a site, just 1-cent CPC higher than the ad you beat out. And, of course, we'll never exceed your maximum CPC or daily budgets. If you're an advertiser with campaigns running right now with AdBrite, this upgrade may (or may not) affect your campaigns. If your CPC and/or click volumes change, this is why.

20,000 PUBLISHER!!!
This week, we welcomed our 20,000th publisher to AdBrite. Our PR company sent out this press release, but just for fun I thought I'd write a little more on the subject. Rewind to September, 2004, almost two years to the day. It was then that I first realized the impact AdBrite was starting to have. At the time, AdBrite (then called MarketBanker) was a side project run by three of us out of my living room in NYC. The system was 100% self service. Aside the occasional billing issue (a.k.a. me calling an advertiser to say "where's ma money!"), we rarely took our heads out of the code long enough to have any meaningful customer interaction. But still, we had about 900 publishers and things were moving fast. Times have changed, and since then we've grown more than 20x, and now we love talking to you! In fact, over the past few weeks and months we've spent countless hours interviewing customers (and potential customers, and former customers, and non-customers) with the sole purpose of figuring out exactly what you want, and what you expect. This experience, plus the experience of a few years, millions of ad dollars, and billions (trillions?) of pageviews, are driving AdBrite's innovation. We're working on a few new things that I think will shake things up around here (containing my excitement...can't you tell?) Stay tuned, thanks for using AdBrite, we hope you continue to do so, and... rock on!

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